Text Analysis of Final Project Prompt (Utilizing Many Eyes)

I decided to do a text analysis of the summary of our final project. The words that stand out the most to me are: “parks,” “project,” “skills,” “final,” and “time.”

(Below the visualization is the final project prompt from the syllabus.)

The words skills, final, and time, stood out to me in the context of the prompt.
This project will require us to use all the skills we have learned in this class.  We will produce a final project, meaning we need to illustrate all of the skills acquired over the course of this semester. Because of the vast nature of the project, we will have to manage our time wisely.  In thinking about this being a final project, it reminds me to focus on displaying all the skills I have learned- producing charts and graphs, text visualizations, picture editing, and making maps.


“Final Project – The second half of the semester will focus on building the skills you need to complete the final project (see Appendix A below). This project will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of these skills and of some of the ways that historians think about thorny problems. Please note: The final project requires you to visit one of nine different national parks in the greater DC area, loosely defined. This means that you will have to organize your time to make such visits possible, including arranging transportation. I will be working with you to help make that happen, but not visiting one of these parks is not an option. If you have other commitments (job, athletic team, etc.), start organizing your time now.”

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