Challenger Disaster Presentation

The explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in January 1986 was an iconic moment in space history.   Americans across the nation were crowded around their TV sets, including millions of school children, to watch the lift-off carrying the first teacher in space.  The moment at which the Challenger exploded marked the first loss of American astronauts in space. Many remember that as America mourned, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech that touched the hearts of a grieving nation. Much like the Kennedy assassination, most Americans remember how they learned of the shuttle disaster and its aftermath.

When looking for a presentation platform other than PowerPoint, I found Prezi.  It was described as an “anti-Powerpoint” solution, so I decided to take a look.

What I found with Prezi was an extremely facile presentation program that allowed for significantly greater creativity than PowerPoint.  In fact, after using Prezi, PowerPoint reveal itself to be a dinosaur amongst presentation platforms.  Prezi is much more dynamic it its use of colors, shapes, and movement, in contrast with PowerPoints standard slide format.

For my presentation on the Challenger disaster,  I was able to utilize the Prezi “origami birds in flight” template as a way to symbolize the movement of the shuttle into space.  On my first slide, I included a picture of the Challenger crew and their names.  My second slide is a fact sheet about the explosion, reviewing the significant details of the day.  My third and final slide is an embedded video of the iconic speech President Reagan gave to the nation after the explosion.

You can view my presentation here.

Screen shot 2015-04-04 at 7.28.16 PM


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