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How the world came to be run by computer code (

I found the article “How the world came to be run by computer code” to be the most interesting for it’s look at technological progression through the years.  The timeline provides an interesting look how the origin of modern day conveniences can be traced back to well before technology was made available to us. The timeline shows that developments in computers were being made in the 19th century, well before any sort of computer technology was available. The first point on the timeline, 1679, denotes the first idea of “code” we have seen. Gottfried Leibniz developed this binary code using only the digits 0-9. The last point on the timeline, 2008, marks the launch of Apple’s first app store, which utilizes that code developed over 300 prior.


In between the aforementioned events, we see important developments such as:

  1. military technology- Enigma machine (PSA- I just went to see The Imitation Game and I highly recommend it.)
  2. the first electronic computer- Manchester’s “Baby”
  3. the Human Genome Project

All of these technological gains were essential to the development military technology, medical research, educational purposes, and entertainment. Studying the timeline, one can see how the development of binary code in 1679 was the essential base for technological growth, all the way to the development of apps in 2008.


Research Question

One of my research topics was the Boston Tea Party.  My question is: “What impact did the actions of the Boston Tea Party have on the road to the American Revolution?”


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