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I had difficulty finding sufficient sources for question based on my Boston Tea Party topic that I posed in my last blog post, so I decided to ask a question based on one of my other topics: The Cuban Missile Crisis. My question is: “How was the decision to impose a blockade on Cuba decided upon?”

Newspaper article or advertisement:

The United States — The Missiles of October: The Declassified Story of John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis by Robert Smith Thompson
Treverton, Gregory F. (Winter 1992): 205.

This source looks at the Cuban Missile Crisis from JFK’s point of view, which will hopefully give insight into his decision to blockade Cuba rather than go with another option, such as invading the island.

Archival Collection source:

Bundy, McGeorge. (1963-1987; (bulk 1963-1965))

McGeorge Bundy was the National Security Adviser to President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This source will give insight to the decision process behind the blockade, and other pertinent decisions made during the time of the crisis.


My image source is a picture of JFK from his famous address to the nation on America’s involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis.



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